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Chinese EDM Service Price

There are three major EDM types in the industry: Wire EDM, Sinker EDM and small hole EDM.

Sinker EDM, also called ram EDM,spark machining, spark eroding, die sinking, or  conventional EDM, consists of a specifically designed and designated electrode and workpiece submerged in oil or other insulating liquid. As the electrode approaches the workpiece, EDM pulse removes material from the workpiece. The sinker EDM process is largely used to create complex cavity shapes in tool and die applications. Such applications include metal stamping tooling and plastic injection molds.

The below is typical sinker EDM machine:

Wire EDM, also known as wire-cut EDM, EDM cutting, wire cutting, wire burning or wire erosion

WEDM uses brass wire as the electrode medium, as the name suggests. Fed through the workpiece ,submerged in eionized water. Wire EDM typically used to cut plates as thick as 350mm and to make punches, tools, and dies from hard metals that are difficult to machine with other method。

The below is typical Wire EDM machine:

Small hole EDM:

Small hole EDM was designed for producing accurate, small, and deep holes. It is similar with sinker EDM but the electrode is a rotating tube conveying a pressurized jet of dielectric fluid. It can make a hole an inch deep in about a minute and is a good way to machine holes in materials too hard for twist-drill machining. This EDM type is widely used in the aerospace industry, producing cooling holes into aero blades and other components. It is also used to drill holes in industrial gas turbine blades, in molds and dies, and in bearings.

The below is typical small hole EDM machine:


The EDM work cost is calculated based on the time of a job. The average hourly rate in China range from 10-15USD/hour. This should be a very low cost in global perspective. The reason behind this is Chinese’s low labor cost and EDM machines overcapacity.

SSP offers all kinds of EDM services(Wire cutting, sinker EDM, fine hole EDM) for global customers. If you are searching for a partner with expertise to make precision parts in metal stamping tooling ,plastic injection molds or other application, you ‘re on the right page.  Let SSP put its decades of manufacturing experience to work for you.


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