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Electronic equipment parts are components used in the manufacture of smart phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic communication equipment, such as cell phones, tablets and other electronic products in the battery cells, connectors, metal shells and so on can be produced by stamping and injection molding processing. The application of electronic communication equipment is not only limited to telephones, but also includes hardware parts required for the construction of the entire telecommunication industry. In response to the advent of the 5G era, the demand for technology-driven hardware parts has diversified, and the materials used include not only metals but also plastics.

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Since its establishment in 2008, SSP has been dedicated to research and development as well as innovation in the field of communication equipment. We primarily specialize in offering high-speed backplane connectors and I/O connector components for renowned connector module manufacturers, encompassing precision structural parts and cages, among others. Ultimately, our products are supplied to leading communication equipment manufacturers such as Huawei, Foxconn, ZTE, etc., finding extensive application in communication base stations, 5G infrastructure, data centers, servers, and other data storage facilities.

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