Stamping and injeciton spare parts for home application equipment

stamping and injeciton components for home application equipment


Thanks to the progress of information technology, home application equipment has begun to upgrade into a more intelligent and technological smart home, which uses smart sensors to better meet people's use needs. In addition to this, a large number of stamped and injection moulded parts are still required in household equipment to enable each component to be connected in series. We mainly produce precision parts such as connectors and sensors in these devices, which help to ensure the normal operation of appliances.

—— Our Capabilities ——

SSP is able to utilize our many years of experience in stamping and injection molding. The stamping process is efficient and cost-effective, allowing us to manufacture parts that are dimensionally accurate and consistent. From designing to manufacturing precision component parts to complete a variety of products for home applications, thus enhancing the overall product performance, and continuously improving our innovative capabilities in stamping and injection molding parts in accordance with the update of electronic products.

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