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medical precision stamping and injection components


Miniaturisation is an emerging trend due to the increasing demand for portable and less invasive devices. Patients are looking to reduce their hospitalisation time and hence there is a need for portable monitoring devices that can be worn by the patient during recovery. Thus the market for home medical devices similar to oximeters and heart rate detectors is expanding. This demand has led to the need for smaller instruments that must be tightly assembled without wasting space - something that injection molding can create. At the same time, the parts of these medical devices that come into contact with the human body must be made of materials that can be easily sterilised, making precision stamping ideal for parts such as temperature probes.

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These new demands on medical components are driving a trend toward smaller and more accurate medical device designs, which means that smaller, lighter plastic parts and hardware will be in high demand, and SSP is able to customize tooling solutions for medical device companies to ensure that parts are accurate and comfortable to use.

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