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Stamping parts for Renewable Energy丨Solar Energy Industry


As the world promotes the concept of environmental protection, the renewable energy industry is growing very quickly. As a result, the associated energy storage equipment requires the use of a variety of specialised components to provide support. Applications for precision metal stampings include solar panel wiring, assemblies, aluminium frames, and inverter and controller housings. In the photovoltaic sector, the demand for precision structural components mainly includes inverter structural components, wire assemblies, photovoltaic mounts, etc. 

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SSP mainly produces connectors, terminals, and other precision structural components for photovoltaic inverters. These components are widely used in automobile production, repair and retrofitting. Different types and configurations of equipment usually require the use of different types and sizes of components. Also, devices that collect energy (e.g., solar panels, recirculating power systems) require the use of connectors and inverters to interface with energy storage devices.

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