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SSP started from precision tooling components in Y2008, expanded to complete tooling for stamping die and Injection mold in Y2012.

Chinese tooling supplier SSP tooling spare parts

Precision Tooling Parts

Chinese tooling supplier SSP complete tooling progressive tooling Stamping die

Stamping Dies

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Injection Moulds

Tooling at our core

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SSP Chinese tooling supplier Precise machines

Wire EDM

-High-speed Wire EDM machines (Brand: Seibu and Sodick);
-Maximum taper angle: 35 degrees;
-Maximum cutting height: 380mm tall;
-Wire diameters from 0.06-0.25mm;
-Tolerances can be held to .002mm;

SSP Chinese tooling supplier Precise machines EDM Machines Sodick

Sinker EDM

-High precision sinker EDM Machines(Brand: Sodick);
-Capable of blind cavities, intricate details and sharp corners;
-Fine finishes(surface roughness to Ra0.1mm);
-Tolerance can be held to .005mm
-Conductive material including carbide,steel,aluminum can be machined;

SSP Chinese small hole EDM supplier

Small Hole EDM

-High precision small hole EDM machines(Sodick);
-Small hole EDM diameters up to 0.04mm;
-Capable of the toughest conductive materials available like carbide and nickel;
-Excellent hole edge quality;
-superior surface finish;

SSP Chinese tooling supplier Precise machines Profile grinding machine Amada Wasino

Profile Grinding

-Super optical profile grinding(Brand: Amada Wasino);
-Excellent performance for complex punch and hard materials;
-Part Radius up to 0.03mm;
-Tolerances can be held to .002mm

Chinese tooling supplier CNC Machining center

CNC Machining Center

-Chinese best known machines(Brand: JingDiao);
-Copper electrode, steel, aluminium, plastics can be machined;
-Spindle speed up to 35000rpm;
-Tolerances can be held to .005mm;