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The automotive industry requires millions of complex parts each year, components designed for everything from electrical systems to vehicle frames. A particularly common application for precision metal stampings is terminals and electrical connectors, which are often two-part socket and tab designs that require extreme durability. In addition, plastic injection mold parts are used very frequently in the automotive industry, due to their innate design flexibility, but also their high durability and service life, which can be perfectly combined with metal stamped parts.

The main role of automotive connectors is to connect different circuits in the vehicle to form a whole, is a bridge for current or signal transmission and exchange between electronic systems and equipment, and is the most basic and necessary component of the car, which is responsible for transmitting and controlling electrical signals, so that the various functional systems in the car (e.g., engine management, seating adjustment, and equipment display, etc.) are able to work properly. 

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SSP provides quality electrical and electronic interconnection products for automotive, on- and off-highway, and hybrid and electric vehicles to electrically and mechanically join wires and cables, printed circuit boards, integrated circuit packages, and batteries.

SSP precision stamping and precision injection molding: Achieve all kinds of stamping parts and injection parts precision, high efficiency, stable all-round control and perfect surface quality, to ensure product quality.

Automated assembly: Using the application of precision control technology, semi-automatic testing machine technology, etc., to overcome the problem of manual operation of precision products and improve core competitiveness.

Precision mold processing: Adopt CAD, CAM and other technologies, introduce high precision processing equipment in the industry, and make use of personnel production experience and advanced equipment and technical means to realize high-precision quality mold products.

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