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Product Desciption

Stamping die is a cold forming process that takes a strip of metal, also called a blank or tool steel, and cuts and shapes it using a single or series of dies to create a desired shape or profile. The force that is applied to the blank modifies and changes its geometry, which creates stress that makes the workpiece suitable for bending or shaping into complex forms. SSP produces high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective progressive dies that are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, appliance, consumer electronics, and aerospace.


As one of the top full-service stamping die manufacturers in China. SSP has the capability of OEM/ODM stamping die and can complete different types of dies including Stage die, progressive die, drawing die etc. We have a professional mold design team, that can be customized according to customer needs single, progressive stamping die, transfer stamping dies, and so on. Actually stamping die can bend, cut, emboss, punch, coin, draw and shave metal in order to manufacturer a desired component. SSP can identify and solve problems prior to creating the hared tooling, and the development of new product stamping die is a central part of SSPs service capabilities.

A precision stamping die is a special tool for batch processing of materials into required stamping parts. It is very important in metalwork and stamping. Generally, stamping die of SSP could be divided into

(1) Single die: Simple structure, short manufacturing cycle, low cost, but low stamping accuracy and efficiency. It is suitable for OEM metal stamping parts with low precision, simple shape, and small output.   

(2) Progressive die: More complex structure, difficult manufacturing and adjustment, high cost, but high stamping accuracy, exponentially improved production efficiency. It is suitable for OEM & ODM metal stamping parts with high precision and large output.

(3) Transfer die: The transfer die stamping process is highly similar to the progressive die stamping process; components are produced by passing the workpiece through a series of consecutive stations within a single die. The main difference between the two processes is that the component is cut from the sheet metal at the beginning rather than the end.  Parts are then transferred through the stations manually, robotically or with some mechanical means.

(4)Drawing die: The speed is fast, it's usually the most efficient method if have large quantity of parts making. the drawn shape has no joins, that makes deep drawing an ideal process for anything that needs to be water or gra-tight. High accuracy, produces complex geometries, and produces very strong prats.

making sure all stamping die punches, and parts are manufactured in the home, designs are required to be precise so that each punch produces optimal quality. We are also a leading supplier of metal components, such as press-fit, inverter, inserts, and so on. Those are use for various industries including hardware, connectivity and terminals. During the time, we have built a reputation for meeting and exceeding the unique needs of each customer.

As a result, creating custom components for unique application is efficient and accurate. If you looking for precision mental stamping die services, you can rely on SSP to create components for your need.

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