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Molding components are what make the mold work and the mechanisms used to deliver a quality end product. Key components include mold bases, pins, ejectors, lifters, bushings, guides and alignment devices. Molding components can be broken down into three categories: frame plates, frame components, and cavity tooling.


High-quality mold components are an important part of injection molds. Our experienced injection mold design team has been designing and manufacturing the best metal molds and production tools for plastic injection molding companies in various industries to help customers achieve high-speed, high-quality production in their markets. SSP injection molding components include:

1. Hopper: the opening where plastic granules are fed into the machine.

2. Barrel: the outer housing of the injection molding machine, which contains the reciprocating screw and the plastic granules. The barrel is wrapped in several heater bands and is tipped with a heated nozzle.

3. Reciprocating screw: the corkscrew component that conveys and pressurizes the plastic material as it melts through the barrel.

4. Heaters: also known as heating bands, these components provide thermal energy to the plastic granules, turning them from a solid form to a liquid. form.

5. Movable Platen: The moving component connected to the mold core that applies pressure to keep both mold halves airtight and also releases the mold core when revealing the finished part.

6. Nozzle: the heated component that provides a standard outlet for molten plastic into the mold cavity, keeping both temperature and pressure as stable as possible.

7. Mold: the component or components that contain the mold cavity and additional supporting features like ejector pins, runner channels, cooling channels, vents, etc. At a minimum, molds are separated into two halves: the stationary side (closer to the barrel) and the mold core (on the moving platen).


8. Mold Cavity: the negative space that, when filled with molten plastic, will shape it into the desired final part plus supports, gates, runners, sprues, etc.

SSP has the strong technical knowledge, advanced manufacturing practices, and unique R&D services. If you have a complex part design, from tool design to finishing, we can assist you through every step of the process. 

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