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Product Desciption

Tailor made for customer's demand, offer all kinds of custom tooling components such as punches, inserts, pins, plates or mold base. Die parts are designed and manufactured to exceed demanding customer expectations for quality, reliability, and performance. 


The different stamping die parts from SSP could be divided in to 5 typs acrroding the funtion:

1. Working parts: The working die parts are the parts of stmping work, which directly deforms and separates the metal sheet parts, and then obtains the stamping workpiece. Such as punch inserts, die inserts, punch matrix etc.

2. Guide parts: The role of guide parts is to control the feeding direction and feeding spacing of raw materials to ensure the correct position of raw materials in the stamping die. Such as guide pin, positioning pin, guide pin, pin plate, side splint and so on.

3. Pressing, stripping and lifting parts: These stamping die parts ensure that after each stamping is completed, the stamping workpiece and waste can be discharged from the die, so that the next production can proceed smoothly. Such as strippers, lifting pins, scrap cutting plug-ins, etc. 

4. Guide parts: These stamping die components can ensure that the upper die and the lower die are accurate in the direction of relative movement, so that the gap between the punch and the die insert is uniform, thereby improving the quality of the stamping parts. 

5. Installation and fastening parts: The role of these progressive die components is to connect the above four stamping die components together to ensure that the relative position of the tool parts is accurate, and to ensure that the tool can be installed on the punch. 

SSP superior Die Set has chosen to keep production right in-house all the time. Our focus is on maintaining quality and efficiency. We stock our own materials, make our own parts and track the entire process, saving time, maximizing value and minimizing liability.

we ensure highly precise die casting parts for your projects. We are your one-stop-shop solution for different types of parts and die. With more than 10 years of experience, we are confident to meet the demands of our clients.

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